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Every day Zigavus' products appear on shelves of many pharmacies in over 30 countries around the world, especially in UE. Our products have already gained trust of many consumers worldwide. We have over 10-years experience in hair and skin care

SkinLab Tested

Skinlab hat Zigavus Produkte getestet und bestätigt

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dermatologische Verträglichkeit getestet und bestätigt. Die Zigavus kosmetischen

No animal testing

No animal testing

Stop hair loss with super triple

Zigavus extra plus zeigt bei regelmäßiger und kontinuierlicher Anwendung seine Wirkung und kann dazu beitragen, dass der Haarausfall gestoppt wird.This is a very effective solution for hair loss. Odorless Garlic Extract Shampoo is recommended for all hair types and is suitable for everyday use. Clinical tests conducted in European laboratories have proved % 87.5 consumer satisfaction after 21 days of applying shampoo.