About Us

Zigavus entered the cosmetic sector in 2007 with its first product – Odorless Garlic Shampoo against hair loss which have been first available in pharmacies in Izmir. And by satisfying the needs of those with the risk of hair loss and being preferred as the first producer of odorless garlic shampoo in Turkey, the company began to increase its market share. Now, Zigavus Pharma is one of the leading medicine and cosmetics manufacturer in Turkey.

Zigavus’ products are sold not only in the Turkish market, but also abroad. Our cosmetics are available in many countries worlwide. We have gained trust of our consumers thanks to our experience and high-quality products. While developing the products we follow three basic rules: innovativeness, quality and professionalism. The company is present at most prestigious cosmetic trade fairs worldwide as well as many pharmaceutical and cosmetic fairs in the country.

European-standart efficiency tests conducted by dermatologists in 2012 at SKINLAB Laboratories found Zigavus shampoos significaly improve the quality and strength of hair, reduce irritation, thicken strands and prevent hair loss.

Our Vision
– to present our natural and herbal products to our customers as Zigavus Company.
– to refresh our products by taking our pharmacists’ and doctors’ advices and consumers expectations into account.
– to maximize the quality values by keeping the R&D activities in the forefront.
– to introduce the innovation to the sector.

Our Targets
– to become the leader and the innovator in our area
– to make our products available for all the people around the World,
– to provide consumers with the maximum –benefits
– to present the best the highest quality to our consumers
– to achieve customer sattisfaction.